About Me

Why Massage Therapy?

This is a question I have gotten since day 1 of doing Massage, my teachers at school asked this question with the beginning of each new module to the new students, and MANY of my clients have asked me the same.  There are many reasons I chose Massage Therapy as my career, but  I usually start off letting people know a little bit about myself.  I served in the U.S. Army, and was in great shape when I joined.  When I got out, not so much.  I lived with pain for a few years, tried medication and tried Physical Therapy, neither of which helped.  So after a little bit of research online trying to alleviate my pain on my own, I realized that most of the stuff I read had a common factor for managing the pain. Massage Therapy.  At this point I figured that Massage was something that I was good at and that I should look into going to school for it.  I figured If I can go to school and learn how to fix myself, I would be able to help other people as well.  If I can provide any relief to people in pain like myself than I have done my part.  I thought it was time to do some good in this world and make a difference to others.